Cheers! Batemans Hints at Special ELR50 Beer

Batemans Brewery has revealed that it is planning a celebration ale to make ELR50 even more memorable. Beers with a unique recipe are often brewed for special occasions, so we now have to wait and see exactly what’s going to be offered. The launch date has also yet to be announced, and we promise to have news on this website as soon as it becomes available.

Batemans, a significant sponsor of ELR50, is hosting a two-month exhibition at its Visitor Centre alongside the banks of the River Steeping from August-October, and you can find more details here as to what’s on offer. As well as having the largest collection of Lincolnshire railway items ever brought to one location, the Visitor Centre will be staging a range of other family events including weekends with displaying buses, lorries and old cars.

A very small limited edition of introductory Batemans ELR50 bottle beer was presented to invited guests at the East Midlands Railway train naming ceremony at Skegness station on January 24, with a startling 7.5% ABV. It would be interesting to hear whether any of the bottles have survived unopened, and been offered for sale at high prices!

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